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How to Fix Hot Water Loss in Your Sacramento Home

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If hot water has the tendency to be consumed promptly in your home, here are Water Heater Repair Sacramento’s ideas to attempt to resolve the trouble. First, flush the water heater. With a gas-fired water heater, it gets rid of the sediment that develops in side the container which conflicts with heat transmission from the flame to the water above. While it does not improve electric water heating system performance as long as it finishes with gas, it it still essential to flush an electric heating unit too.

Next, insulate the plumbing carrying the heated water to faucets and showers. This is especially crucial if the pipes travel via unheated crawl spaces, through the garage or along the wall of the home’s foundation. One can reduce strips of fiberglass insulation and wind them very carefully around the pipe and tape them in position, yet it is easier and a lot more effective to purchase self-stick pipe insulation offered in 3-ft lengths and bagged or boxed. It is easy to mount.

Finally, protect the water storage tank itself, bewaring not to set up insulation within 6 in. of the vent if it is a gas water heating unit, or to cover the thermostat on either gas or electric heating systems. Again, one can use fiberglass insulation, but it makes far more feeling to invest a little additional money and get a bagged water heater insulation kit.

Before offering Water Heater Repair Sacramento a telephone call, see whether these easy steps improve the issue. If they help only slightly, it may be time to replace ones water heating system or to possibly add a tankless water heater to aid accomplish the demand of hot water needed during hectic times.

If one currently has a gas-fired water heating system, it normally makes even more sense to switch out with a bigger gas water heating unit device because the gas, plumbing and vent connections for the current heating unit are currently in place. A large container (50 gal.) that is protected with as large an R value as feasible (someplace in the area of R-25) do well. Also, the heating unit’s recovery rate need to be as high as feasible. This is the rate at which the water heating unit can elevate the temperature level of the inlet water by 90 1/4 F. It’s revealed in gallons each hour. Regular 50-gal. water heating systems will certainly have recovery rates in the range of 40 gph, but there are durable models that go as high as 50 to 60 gph.

Let Water Heater Repair Sacramento CA  know if you require any type of additional help – we are always available to answer any sort of inquiries you might have!

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Sacramento Drain Clogs and Pumpkins

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Every year, even more than one billion pounds of pumpkins are produced in America, most of which are carved into jack-o’-lanterns during Halloween time. That’s a bunch of leftover pulp. And, a great deal of pulp and seeds that can clog drains prior to completion of the Halloween season.

Drain Cleaning Sacramento

Water Heater Repair Sacramento is a typical Halloween visitor to many locals needing Drain Cleaning Sacramento help thanks to sticky pumpkin pulp and seeds. The weeks leading up to Halloween, we get bunches of calls from homeowners struggling with pulp-clogged waste disposal unit and blocked kitchen sink drains.

Pumpkin pulp is not safe for disposals since it is soft, stringy and mushy. It will dry and solidify, choking off drains and garbage disposals, producing a big mess that will need an expert drain cleaning.

On the exact same note, it is likewise smart not to attempt purging the pulp or seeds down the toilet either. Simply toss everything out in the garbage!

When creating pumpkins, do so on paper. for it can quickly be finished up and thrown into the garbage can or a compost heap. The seeds can be separated and roasted for a tasty treat or they can be air-dried and planted in the spring after the last frost to grow next year’s Halloween pumpkin.

The horror lurking in your drain at home – Eastbourne Herald

Thu, 31 Oct 2013 07:11:32 GMT

The horror lurking in your drain at homeEastbourne HeraldAs people in Eastbourne get ready to celebrate all things spooky this Halloween, Southern Water is warning of a real horror lurking in people’s homes. Creeping through drains and sewers, the go …

So we like our power tools and just had to share this video from The Home Depot on using them for pumpkin carving:

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Halloween Fun and Spooky Facts

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In the spirit of Halloween for today, Water Heater Repair Sacramento wished to pass along the following infographic that we took pleasure in on Halloween statistics. Not too many of the findings were startling to us, however we liked the finding that the average pumpkin has about 500 seeds. Enjoy the day!

Halloween Facts 2013: 6 Fun Details About The Spooky Holiday – Latin Times

Wed, 30 Oct 2013 15:52:38 GMT

NewsdayHalloween Facts 2013: 6 Fun Details About The Spooky HolidayLatin TimesAnd the Halloween industry is getting bigger by the day, as the National Retail Federation has found that the money spent on Halloween has risen by 54 percent since 2005 an …


Halloween By The Numbers

by Column Five Media.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


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Sacramento Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting Advice

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So the gas water heater at home is not performing as well as it should? It is generally among just a few things that will go wrong with the system. Review these ideas below to see if you have the ability to assess what the cause may be. We can be reached anytime to aid with this Gas Water Heater Repair Sacramento as well!

Pilot Lights

Gas hot water heater fixing always seems to begin with the pilot light. Many gas hot water heaters us a pilot light to fire up the burner. There are some more expensive models that utilize electronic ignition. When the pilot light is out or will not remain on, you will not have hot water.


The thermocouple is a sensor that informs the gas valve when to permit gas to stream to the burner. Gas hot water heater troubleshooting commonly involves the thermocouple. When they decay the will not permit the gas valve to release any gas. No gas, no hot water.


The thermostat belongs to the gas valve. There is not a lot that can be done to fix one that is bad, short of changing the gas valve. The primary concern with the thermostat is getting the temperature set right. Water that is too hot can be hazardous. Learn what the correct setups are.

Gas Valves

The gas valve controls the gas that goes both to the pilot light and the main burner. It utilizes the thermocouple to identify when it is safe to release the gas. It likewise makes use of an integral thermostat to know when more heat is required. Surges can result from natural gas that is not burned. For that reason the water heater gas valve has safety gadgets constructed in.


Obstructions in the vent pipe can limit the air flow to your water heater. This will cause the burner to run poorly. It might mean a lowered quantity of hot water. Terribly congested vents will result in hazardous gases constructing up in the house.

Here is a nice video on routine maintenance tasks for a gas water heater:

What AFUE Is

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When purchasing a new boiler, water heater, furnace or any other devices relying on fuel combustion to run one requires to rely upon the reality that it will work successfully. With the costs of fuels such as oil, electrical energy and gas as high as they are one can not afford to waste energy in ones home. There is a means to assist insure effectiveness expectations are fulfilled by examining the AFUE of the devices.

Vectren Urges You to Check Your Furnace before Heating Season – NewsTalk 1010 WCSI

Sun, 20 Oct 2013 20:29:54 GMT

Vectren Urges You to Check Your Furnace before Heating SeasonNewsTalk 1010 WCSIDuring regular furnace maintenance checks, the technician can calculate the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This will indicate how much of the energy used by th …

The AFUE is the measurement of a fuel-burning equipment’s fuel effectiveness. It represents annual fuel usage effectiveness. The Federal Trade Commission mandates that all new gadgets display the AFUE at which they run so that customers can quickly compare their furnace, boiler and tank water heater choices.

The AFUE is a ratio comparing the heat output of your furnace, boiler or tank water heater over the course of a year versus the quantity of nonrenewable fuel source energy that it eats. If the AFUE of a tank water heater is 85 %, then, that suggests that 85 % of the fuel utilized is really made use of to heat water, while 15 % is squandered. This ratio is certain to the tank water or heating system itself, and does not think about any energy squandered by ductwork or air leaks.

10 heating and cooling terms you should understand Johnny Tubbs / Energy … – Your Houston News

Sat, 26 Oct 2013 05:21:22 GMT

10 heating and cooling terms you should understand Johnny Tubbs / Energy …Your Houston NewsHSPF: Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This rating is given to all heat pumps to describe their heating efficiency. Heat pumps also earn a SEER rating to …

For more Plumbing Repair Sacramento information check us out here.

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How Much Energy Does a Tankless Water Heater Save

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Will I save money on energy costs by changing my water heater with a tankless one?

The cost-saving benefit of changing a conventional water heater with a tankless one is frequently overestimated suggests Water Heater Repair Sacramento. For most people, the most appealing perk of a tankless water heater is that it saves space. The downside, nevertheless, is that tankless water heaters utilize a considerable quantity of power. This will likely need you to upgrade your home’s electrical wiring considering that using one tankless water heater for the entire home can draw more power than 9 main air conditioners!

Water Heater Repair Sacramento

English: Two Rannai brand, tankless water heaters in a commercial setting. Each unit is rated 199,000 BTU and the two work in parallel, heating water to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Located on a dairy farm and provide hot water for cleaning milking equipment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s how tankless water heaters work

Tankless water heaters, or immediate heaters, do not have a water storage tank. Water is heated up as it travels through a compact heating system.

In reality, the only savings a tankless model provides is the removal of the heat loss. These losses are around 7 percent of your total water heating energy use relying on the age of your existing water heater.

Considering that water heating represents about $20 of an average costs, the savings for a tankless water heater would be less than $2 per month for a normal consumer.

Energy-Efficient On-Demand Water Heaters – Green Homes

Sun, 15 Nov 2009 08:00:00 GMT

Tankless water heaters don’t suffer from standby losses because they don’t store hot water — they generate it as it’s needed. When a hot-water faucet is turned on, cold water begins to flow into the water heater. A flow sensor inside the 

Another thing to be knowledgeable about with tankless water heaters is that the water temperature level could begin dropping if two showers were in use at the same time. On the other hand, if there is only one shower in use, the hot water would never run out.

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Tankless water heaters – NBC12

Thu, 05 Sep 2013 21:37:00 GMT

Your hot water tank is the second biggest energy hog in your house. Many consumers are moving to tankless systems in order to save money.

Home improvement tips that instantly lower your energy bill –

Tue, 15 Oct 2013 07:49:44 GMT

Home improvement tips that instantly lower your energy Many homeowners have heard about the advantages of tankless water heaters, but now there’s a way to be even more efficient by using the Rheem Integrated Heating & Water Heati …

Tankless Water Heater Urban Myths

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Water Heater Repair Sacramento Overview Video

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We just created a new overview video for Water Heater Repair Sacramento and wanted to share it with you ASAP!