Water Heater Technology

Concise History of Water Heaters

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Just like a lot of creations we use today, the origins of the modern-day hot water heater is not conveniently be mapped back to just someone or society as its creator. It may not be as mystical as some inventions yet it is certainly a creation that we use on a daily basis. Having heated water in homes has aided make our lives much easier and much healthier, and ought to not be something we take for granted. It makes us chuckle a little when we checked out posts and see ads for tankless water heaters with the advertising and marketing message of “immediate hot water.” Of course,...

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Water Heater Advancements

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It is popular opinion, and the U.S. Department of Energy tells us this as well, that heating water accounts for around 18 % of the regular home’s annual energy usage. The only other home device that uses more is the heating and cooling system. With the common tank hot water heater that a lot of homeowners make use of, it is maintaining 40 to 50 gallons of water warm all day no matter when it is being utilized. Usually with this circumstance, 20 to 50 percent of the energy being utilized is entirely lost. Just what are some options in order to help curb this energy loss? The firm...

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Technology in Rethinking Water Heaters

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There is a brand-new water heater around and it possibly may be the finest thing in brand-new innovation in the water heater market in quite a long period of time. It is from the ISI Technology company and definitely utilizes contemporary technology in its building. Combine smart grid technology and a heck of a tankless design and one gets the HEATWORKS MODEL 1. The company very rapidly more than surpassed its funding for the project this past February and is taking pre-orders for the device. So, needless to state, we have actually not gotten our hands on a device to test it out, however it...

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