Signs of Water Heater Failure

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Gas Water Heater Repair Sacramento, Water Heater Repair Sacramento

Hot water heaters often complete just what they’re intended to and usually go undetected up to the point when one needs a Sacramento Water Heater Repair. However, some of the problems which come up can be avoided with frequent maintenance by a pro. Make sure to keep tabs on your natural gas burning hot water heater, because several of the problems that might appear could be expensive and unsafe for friends and family and pets. In this article, we’re outlining four indications that your gas water heater could need to be swapped out.

Dripping WaterWater Heater Repairs Sacramento CA

In cases where there is water on the floor near your water heater or leaking out of a pipe, you could want to exchange the hot water heater. But, depending on just where the water is located and what amount there is, you could possibly be all right. When the water heater is leaking water from a pipe and there exists a little bit of water on the floor next to the heater, it’s more than likely the T&P valve. The temperature and pressure valve gets rid of additional steam inside the hot water heater, this water vapor turns to water and will come outside of the hot water heater through a pipe on the side of the tank. If this is the situation, it happens to be completely typical and crucial for the hot water heater to work accurately. Never try to move the T&P valve and never block it. If perhaps you’re worried about how much water that is coming out from the pipe, contact a specialist! When the leaking water is coming from the bottom of the tank, it is almost undoubtedly time to get a different water heater. When the hot water heater heats water the metal tank expands and contracts, and this activity will result in cracks and little fractures, which will sooner or later cause leaks. As soon as this develops, it’s time to buy a brand new unit.


Around the pipes coming from the water heater you will find pipe fittings which need to be sealed well in order to keep the pipe in place as well as keep water from leaking out of the opening. In the event that you’re finding rust around these pipe fittings, water is seeping out of the opening. Though this may not be a large leak and is not going to lead to immediate damage to the heater, in cases where the matter is not solved, major and expensive problems will at some point develop.

Burn Markings

In cases where you happen to be observing burn marks at the bottom part of the hot water heater, there are two likely issues. However, both are rather major and both need an expert. One problem can be with the venting. If the venting is blocked or had been mounted improperly, it may cause the exhaust fumes to go back into the home. This is dangerous and can bring about sickness or fire if left undetected for too long. But, it may not mean you will need to replace the water heater, and that is good. Another likely issue with burn marks can be that the flue pipes inside the water heater are blocked. This might result in several dangerous issues and, sadly, the water heater will have to be swapped out as soon as possible.

Yellowish Flame Color

Natural gas burning hot water heaters have a blue flame beneath the tank when it is running. However, in case you’re seeing that flame is an orange or yellow color, as opposed to blue, the burner is not working appropriately and will need to be seen by a pro.

There are a lot of complications which can come up with natural gas burning hot water heaters, but by using regular care and yearly examinations, you can prevent the need for an emergency water heater repair in Sacramento that might potentially be expensive. Call us today in case you detect something unusual with your water heater!