What Happens to Old Hot Water Heaters

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Water Heater Replacement Sacramento

Many hot water heater repair companies, like us, will deal with correctly getting rid of ones old hot water heater when we execute a hot water heater replacement for our Sacramento customers. Nevertheless, there are individuals who either try to replace their hot water heater themselves or know someone else to do it for them. Sadly, we invest a lot of our time helping home owners appropriately install their hot water heater from when they face difficultly. There are numerous safety steps that have to be followed so there will not be an issue with the setup. That is why it is smart to leave this house repair task to an expert. The last thing one desires is to put ones residence and family at risk from a water heater blowing up!

So exactly what should one do with their old hot water heater after that? Each state regulates this in different ways, however we want to share just what a few of the different options are, not simply exactly what takes place right here in Sacramento CA.

Options for Hot Water Heater DisposalsOld Water Heater for Scrap

Hot Water Heater Donation
There are instances when home owners replace a hot water heater because they require a bigger one, not since it is not working still. Maybe there are more individuals residing in the residence, or even more hot water utilizing home appliances are being used, so a larger storage tank heater is needed. Considering that the current water heater still works as it should, it could conveniently be donated. First give the Goodwill a call to see if they will take it. Additionally, there are various regional Christian donation organizations that could be able to utilize it also.

If none of these organizations that are called have the ability to accept it, they should know exactly what organizations do take contributed water heaters. It can be a good tax deduction too.

If one still could not locate a home for the old heater, market it in a local online site or online forum like Craig’s List or Facebook. These do not charge anything also.

Check out these links for more information:

Salvation Army

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Habitat for Humanity

Reuse Old Water Heaters
Depending upon where one lives, recycling centers will accept old hot water heater. Some may charge to pick them up if you are not able to take them to the center, and some are going to have a fee just to take them. However, the copper, brass and steel that the heater is comprised of does have value. There are some recycling centers that will pay you the value of the metal it is made of. It is best to call to see what the different recycling places separately will do. Each state has various laws for scrap metal recycling. Regrettably, individuals will steal hot water heater to get money from the recycled value of them. Due to this, people taking hot water heater to a recycling facility will should present a legitimate ID and be at the very least 18 years of age.

If there are not any recycling centers close by, or one that will take an old hot water heater, call the local government. Sometimes they will have the ability to aid with appliance disposal.

A Trash Service
If one resides beyond the city limits and uses a private garbage service, get in touch with them and see if they will take it. It may cost extra for them to hull it away, yet it will save the time of moving it oneself. Often they will try fixing it to recycle it also.

Take Them to a Garbage Dump
Regional landfills will usually accept them also. It will probably not be free, yet many times they could be part of a recycling program that will recycle products from them too, much like a scrap metal recycling center.

A Junk Removal Service
Search in the telephone directory or online for a neighborhood junk removal company. They will again, pick up old home appliances from ones home for a fee. You may even find someone that will completely free if they after that, have the ability to get money for recycling it.

Scrap ItWater Heater Regulator
For people that are handy and have some extra time, scraping ones old hot water heater and marketing the metal and/or parts may assist to offset the cost of the replacement hot water heater. For gas water heaters, which are the most common kind, the regulator is the most important piece to salvage.

We will not enter into the details of all the various water heater parts and of what metals each may be made up of. A hammer or saw will be needed to take apart the heater, for many of the components will be corroded with each other.

The components that are made from copper, which there will be numerous, are the main components to keep, in addition to the regulator once more. There will be heavy copper electrical wiring used for the majority of all of it.

If one had the anode rods replaced recently, it will be worth removing and saving them. They might be able to be made use of in the substitute hot water heater once their initial anode rods need replaced, or they could can be sold.

First attempt marketing the regulator oneself but if that does not work, many scrap yards will provide a price for them usually.

If the hot water heater being changed is an electric kind, it also will have some scrap metal worth. It will have parts made of zinc plated copper or stainless steel. Since copper will corrode and tarnish, take a look in all the installations well to see if they are made of copper or not.

So these are the typical end of life burial options for ones warm water heater. As usual, do not hesitate to contact us if you believe your water heater is not operating like it should. We will do whatever we can to repair the system before looking to do a hot water heater replacement.